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Schedule the Download Journal Report

Part 6 - Schedule the Nightly Download Journal Report



The Download Journal allows Brickwork to retrieve Transaction, ACH Return, and BACS Report details from iATS that are processed the prior day.

The downloaded data is used to update Salesforce records to reflect when transactions have been approved or rejected, as well as when ACH or Direct Debit items have been returned or need to be reviewed. For more information on how the Download Journal Import tool works and the types of email notifications you will receive, please refer to section: Brickwork Download Journal Imports
Steps for setup:  

  1. Within Setup, use quick find to locate Apex Classes.
  2. Click the Schedule Apex button.
  3. Enter “iATS Nightly Download Journal” for the job name.
  4. Within Apex Class, select the “iATSPayments_journal_log”.
  5. Select Weekly as the frequency and select each day of the week.
  6. Leave today as the start date, but change the end date to be a date far into the future.
  7. Select a preferred start time between 7am and 7pm (Your own time zone). Internal iATS updates and maintenance may occur between 11:00pm and 4:00am nightly. Setting the “Preferred Start Time” during this window is not recommended.
  8. Click Save. 

6.1 Key information: 

  • The Download Journal tool utilizes the “Client Codes” that are saved as iATS Merchant Accounts to access iATS’ servers to obtain processing data. 

  • Credit Card and UK Direct Debit transactions are imported daily when scheduled and include yesterday’s transactions.   
  • ACH North American transactions are imported daily when scheduled and include all transactions from the prior four days. 

  • If an error message is received during the import process the current batch and all future batches are aborted, however prior successful batches are not.  
  • iATS Transaction approved status for single ACH charges is updated during the download updates as the final approval or reject results take up to two business days to be received from the bank. 
  • The download journal imports data in batches of 200 lines at a time, up to a 10,000 maximum. The import batch size can be amended if needed to accommodate for the NPSP.
  • Only System Administrators are permitted to schedule the Download Journal. If the Salesforce User who schedules the Apex Class is set to inactive or deleted from Salesforce, the nightly Download Journal will no longer run, and will need to be re-scheduled by another System Administrator.
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