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Setup iATS Merchant Account

Part 2: Setup the iATS Merchant Account

iATS Client Codes and passwords are stored as iATS Merchant Accounts, which replaces the need for traditional Merchant numbers you have received from other processors in the past. To get started setting up your iATS merchant credentials, please contact us at

The sales team will take you through the process of getting a merchant account and process the application for you.



Once you receive your merchant account and credentials, you can move on to the next step of linking the merchant account with Brickwork.

2.1 Setup merchant account within Brickwork


  1. Click on the “iATS Merchant Account” tab, and click “New” to create a new iATS Merchant Account.
  2. Add a description to the “Account Name” field. This field name will be visible within Salesforce and should describe the type of transactions. For example, TEST88 – Aura
  3. Click the Active checkmark box if this merchant account should be available in the virtual terminal. All iATS Client Codes that are being used within Brickwork or Aura should be added as iATS Merchant Accounts, but only those you want visible within the virtual terminal (‘iATS’ button) need to be Active. There can be up to 10 Active iATS Merchant Accounts.
  4. Enter the Client Code and Password that was issued by iATS Customer Care upon setup of your iATS Merchant Account. Please note that if the password is changed in the future, it will need to be updated here to avoid iATS connections problems.
  5. The Primary checkbox enables one iATS Merchant Account to be displayed as the default Account in the virtual terminal (‘iATS button).
  6. Add a description of the iATS Merchant Account for future reference. For example, “Aura Online”.
  7. Select the appropriate “iATS System” and “Currency” for the iATS Merchant Account. Choose “NA” (North America) if the Account has been setup to accept Canadian Dollars or US Dollars. Choose “UK” (United Kingdom) if the Account has been setup to accept any other currency.
  8. Click “Save & New” to create the new iATS Merchant Account and move on to the next iATS Merchant Account.

2.2 More information about merchant accounts

  • Ten iATS Merchant Accounts can be checked as “Active” and will be available for use in the virtual terminal. All other iATS Merchant Accounts can be left unchecked and are still available for use with Aura Online Donation pages and the Download Journal import process.
  • An unlimited number of iATS Merchant Accounts (first for characters of Sub-code, ex: TEST) can be used within Brickwork.
  • iATS Merchant Accounts cannot be deleted if they have related iATS Transaction or Customer Code records. To remove an iATS Merchant Account from the Download Journal import process, check the “Do Not Include in Journal Download” checkbox.
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