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Connecting FormAssembly to Brickwork

Brickwork clients have the option of using our free Aura online forms to collect donations from their website and pull that information into Salesforce through Brickwork. Or you can also connect any third-party app like a Form Assembly Donation Form to iATS for processing using the iATS Universal Postback feature and take advantage of Brickwork’s connection to the Nonprofit Success Pack for Recurring Donations.  

Please Note that each partner has unique wat to connect to IATS for processing. Please refer to their product manuals for further information on how to setup their tools to connect with iATS. 


Connecting Form Assembly Form to Brickwork  

Make sure you have completed Section 3.1 prior to this step.  

With Form Assembly's iATS Connector, you can easily process one-time credit card payments, set up recurring credit card payments through subscriptions, process ACH or Direct Deposit payments, and create new customers in iATS.

If you have an iATS account, you can follow the recommended installation steps to configure the connector and pass single and recurring donations to Salesforce via Brickwork.

For more information on the Form Assembly iATS Connector, visit their website.

** Please note that this feature is still in BETA. Please refer to the below points to be sure this product to product integration is right for your needs:

  • At this time Brickwork will always create a Salesforce Opportunity for all processed transactions or recurring schedules, or a Recurring Donation if using the NPSP.

This cannot be disabled in Brickwork if a connection to the NPSP is desired. Because Form Assembly has the ability to create Salesforce Opportunities as well, this could result in an extra undesired Opty record.

There are a few options to overcome this issue such as:

  1. Disable Opty’s from being created by Form Assembly, allowing Brickwork and the UPB to create all records. The pro of this option is that there will be no extra opty records. The con is that you may not be able to map custom Form Assembly data to the Opty record. A workaround to this is to map the custom data to Salesforce and have an administrator create a custom solution to move the data wherever you need it in Salesforce. (Recommended)
  2. Separate how Recurring vs. Single transactions are handled by Brickwork and iATS. The Universal Postback can be enabled for both Single and Recurring posts, or one or the other. For example, Brickwork and the UPB can be configured to receive only Recurring donations, but allow Form Assembly to create all Single donation records. You cannot do this in reverse as Form Assembly cannot create NPSP records.
  3. Have a developer write a custom solution that creates the required Brickwork and NPSP records based on the authorization responses that Form Assembly receives from the iATS Connector. This option is not recommended unless you have a very unique requirement that cannot be met by option A or B above.


  • Duplicate Contact and Account records may be created by Form Assembly and Brickwork in certain set-up situations.

If you require that Form Assembly create Salesforce Contact and Account records while the transactions are being processed by the iATS Connector, there could be duplicate records. This is because although Brickwork has extensive Contact Match options to prevent duplicates, the Form Assembly records and the Brickwork records may be created at the exact same time. In these cases the Brickwork Contact Match tool won’t locate a duplicate, and will create a new Contact and Account. This can be avoided by allowing Brickwork to create or find all Contact records. If this solution isn’t possible, you may have to write custom code to locate, merge, and delete any duplicate contacts.


  • Only the “standard” payment fields from the predefined Form Assembly content should be used with the iATS Connector. Renaming or creating custom payment fields will not map to iATS properly and will cause errors.

*Important Considerations when connecting Form Assembly Processing to Brickwork:

  • When setting the “Start Date” field, There are three options to choose from in the dropdown, Immediately, Use a Formula, and Defined in Form. Please DO NOT USE Immediately as this will cause an immediate transaction to be processed, which will not relate to the NPSP Recurring Donation properly. Use either “Use in a Formula”, or “Defined in the form” to set the Start Date.



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