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*NEW* Enhanced Recurring Donations Setup


Integration with the NPSP Enhanced Recurring Donations was provided in Brickwork version 5.46. This update provides for a variety of integration points which are detailed below.

Configuration steps:

1. Go to the Non-profit success pack settings.
2. Scroll down to ‘Recurring Donations’ section and click on ‘Upgrade to Enhanced Recurring Donations. If you see an empty screen here, please scroll down and it will tell you all the prerequisite requirements to enable this feature. Once you activate the other requirements, go back to ‘Upgrade to Enhanced Recurring Donations’ section and an option will become active to enable the feature.
3. Click on ‘Enable the Enhanced Recurring Donations functionality' as follows:
Please note: Once ERD is activated, it is not possible to revert to Legacy Recurring Donations.
4. Now go to ‘iATS Settings’ in Brickwork. Under the ‘Nonprofit Success Pack Settings’ section and new field will appear named 'Recurring Type'. This fields needs to be set to either ‘Fixed’ or ‘Open’. This field replaces the previous ‘Open Ended Status’ field and is used to determine what value should be set on the Recurring Donation 'Recurring Type' field when a Recurring Donation record is created via an Aura online donation.



  • Once ERD is activated, it is not possible to revert to Legacy Recurring Donations.
  • NPSP users can still use the legacy version of recurring donations and are not required to upgrade or activate ERD. Brickwork can determine which version of Recurring Donations is being utilized and adjust accordingly. 
  • The recurring donation record page needs to be refreshed after the virtual terminal is submitted to see the changes to the recurring donation record.
  • The NPSP Settings - Recurring Donations 'Installment Opportunity Auto-Creation' field must be set to 'Always Create Next Installment' (this is the default value). 
  • The 'opportunity' record creation by the NPSP (when a recurring donation record is inserted by Brickwork) will not occur if the 'Secure guest user record access' feature is activated unless account and recurring donation object sharing rules are created which allow the NPSP view access. It is currently recommended to deactivate this feature since it also prevents the NPSP opportunity renaming.

Difference between Enhanced Recurring Donations and the older recurring donations setup is as follows:

1. AURA to Brickwork Post:
  • Brickwork only sets the 'Number of Planned Installments’ field if the Recurring Donation ‘Recurring Type’ field is set to ‘Fixed’. 
  • The iATS Settings page (and related custom settings) were updated with a new ‘Recurring Type’ field that replaces the ‘Open Ended Status’ field. This field determines and sets the ‘Recurring Type’ field (‘Fixed’ or ‘Open’) when a Recurring Donation record is inserted by Brickwork. 
  • The iATS Settings ‘IATS Recurring Payments Date Change Action’ field is no longer applicable and therefore no longer displayed.
  • The Recurring Donation ‘Installment Frequency’ field is set to ‘1’ for Weekly, Monthly, and Annually Schedule Types. 
  • The Recurring Donation ‘Installment Period’ field is set to ‘Monthly’ and ‘Installment Frequency’ to 3 for a quarterly recurring payment. 
  • The Recurring Donation ‘Day of Month’ field is set for Monthly Schedule Types. 
  • The Recurring Donation 'Payment Method’ field is set to ‘Credit Card’ or ‘ACH/EFT’.
  • The Recurring Donation 'Effective Date’ field is set to the current date.
  • The Recurring Donation ‘Open Ended Status’ and 'Schedule Type’ fields are only set for legacy Recurring Donations.
  • The Recurring Donation ’Status’ field is set to ‘Active’
2. Virtual Terminal:
  • Recurring Donation object ‘amount’ field is utilized instead of the ‘installment amount’ field when pre-populating the virtual terminal ‘amount’ field.
  • Virtual terminal field pre-population logic determines the ‘Schedule Type’ and ‘Schedule Date’ fields based on the ‘Installment Period’, ‘Installment Frequency’ and ‘Day of Month’ fields as applicable.
  • Brickwork no longer creates/updates opportunity records when a recurring payment is created/adjusted via the virtual terminal. This action is now solely completely by the NPSP package (which only creates one future opportunity record).
  • The Recurring Donation ‘Installment Period’, 'Installment Frequency’, ‘Day of Month’, ’Status' and ‘Effective Date’ fields are updated when corresponding field values are adjusted via the Virtual Terminal. This allows the NPSP nightly opportunity record creation to determine the current and correct opportunity values.


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