Brickwork Setup and Support

Learn how to set up and customize Brickwork.

Create a Salesforce Site URL

Brickwork clients have the option of using our free Aura online forms to collect donations from their website and pull that information into salesforce through Brickwork. Or you can also connect any third-party app like a Form Assembly Donation Form to IATS for processing using the IATS Universal Postback feature and take advantage of Brickwork’s connection to the Nonprofit Success Pack for Recurring Donations.  

Please Note that each partner has unique wat to connect to IATS for processing. Please refer to their product manuals for further information on how to setup their tools to connect with iATS. 
Create a Salesforce Site URL: 

Please create a new site for use with Aura/Brickwork. DO NOT recycle an existing site as it won’t work. 



  1. Within Salesforce Setup, use Quick Find to locate Sites 
  2. If not already done register your Domain. 
  3. Click “New” in the Site section of the page to create a new Site. 
  4. Enter a Site Label, Site Name, Side Description and Site Contact. Enter a URL suffix in the Default Web Address text box.  
  5. Click the look up icon beside “Active Site Home page”. In the pop-up window, scroll down and select “Aura”. 
  6. Check the Active checkbox and click “Save”. This displays a summary of the new Site (“Site Detail”) noting the username, site URL and label, and other details.
  7. Return to the site list by clicking on the Site link from the left side Setup menu under Develop. 
  8. Locate your newly created site, and right click on the Site URL field, and select “Copy Link Address”.


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