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Learn how to set up and customize Brickwork.

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Understanding key objects and concepts:

Recurring Donation: Often called the “parent” record, this is an NPSP record that houses the details of the donors recurring schedule and other pertinent NPSP details. This record will be created before using the iATS Button to store the payment and schedule details within iATS.

Donation: Often called the “child” record, this is an Opportunity record that has been modified by the NPSP to function with the Recurring Donation record.

Open-Ended versus Fixed Length Recurring Donations: An NPSP choice when creating a new Recurring Donation. Each type has a specific way of creating child Donations and can be used with Brickwork. Open Recurring Donations are when a donor agrees to donate for an indefinite amount of time. Fixed Recurring Donations are Recurring Donations where the donor agrees to donate for a specific number of installments. For more information on creating a Recurring Donation for either type, refer to the NPSP: Recurring Donations - Overview and Setup documentation.

iATS Button:
A custom button/action which is added to the contact, account, opportunity or recurring donation page layout by your admin during configuration. This button is utilized to set-up Single and Recurring Credit Card and ACH/Direct Debit Transactions that will be charged to the donor.

iATS Customer Code: A Brickwork record that represents the donor’s payment and recurring schedule information which have been securely stored in iATS. The Customer Code is linked directly to a contact, account, opportunity, or recurring donation record. When the Customer Code is linked directly to the Recurring Donation record it allows Brickwork to relate future transactions to the child Donation records correctly.

Nightly Download Journal Import:
Processed iATS Transaction details are retrieved from iATS via an APEX Class which should have been scheduled by your Admin during the configuration process for Brickwork. This automated import happens on a daily basis and creates new iATS Transaction records the day after the transaction has been processed by iATS.


iATS Transaction: A Brickwork record that is created for each approved or rejected charge that is processed for your donor. When a Customer Code is linked directly to a Recurring Donation record, Brickwork will relate downloaded iATS Transaction records to related child Donation records and update their Stage value to the Closed/Won stage determined by your Admin, normally Posted. When rejected, the stage will be updated to the Closed/Lost value determined by your Admin.

iATS Batch Entry Record:
This record is used when you want to process multiple single payments and to setup or update multiple recurring schedules (iATS Customer Codes) at once using our Batch Update process method. All details for the donor, including payment details, are stored on this record and used when the Batch Entry batch is run.

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