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Batch Entry and Update Process

Our Batch Update Process feature allows you to import a file into Salesforce and communicate directly with iATS Payments, to make updates to an iATS Customer Code and NPSP records. A history log, excel templates, and email notifications are also included!

Using this method you can amend the schedule details, payment details, and perform actions such as cancel a recurring donation schedule in bulk.

Understanding key objects and concepts:

  • Updating Salesforce records vs. iATS Payments systems: It’s important to understand that any changes that you need to make in Salesforce need to be reflected in iATS Payments as well. Because iATS processes all future scheduled transactions, changes need to be saved in both places. For example, if you change the schedule date from the 15th to the 1st of the month in Salesforce, iATS needs that information or the transaction will continue to be charged on the 15th. All changes should be done via the manual or batch entry methods described below.
  • iATS Customer Code: A Brickwork record that represents the donor’s payment and recurring schedule information which have been securely stored in iATS. The Customer Code is linked directly to the Recurring Donation or Donation/Opportunity record during the initial setup of the donors recurring schedule. When using our Batch Update process, all changes are made on this record, then sent to iATS when the Update batch is run.
  • Recurring Donation or Donation/Opportunity: When you look at the iATS Customer Code record you want to make changes to, you’ll see that it’s related to either a NPSP Recurring Donation or an Opportunity/Donation record. The iATS Button on that record will be used to make edits to the schedule or payment details when manually making changes.
  • iATS Button: A custom button which is added to the Recurring Donation or Donation/Opportunity page layout by your admin during configuration. This button is utilized to update Recurring Credit Card and ACH/Direct Debit recurring schedule details.
  • UK Direct Debit Changes: Our UK DD processing clients who use Smart Debit should note that currently there is a lead time of 6 days for all processed transactions. Because of this lead collection time, all changes should be made 6 days prior to the charge date. Any changes made within 6 days of the transaction won’t affect that charge but will be reflected for all transactions going forward.
  • Credit Card and ACH/Direct Debit Numbers: For added security, these fields can ONLY be updated using the iATS Button manually at this time. Our Batch Update process cannot be used to make mass changes. UK Direct Debit processing clients may update the Bank Account details using the iATS Button, but these details are not sent to Smart Debit and will not affect future payments. Please have the Donor contact their bank to properly update their Bank Account details or update directly within the Smart Debit portal.



  • Create a .csv file from our handy template.
  • Import the .csv file to make changes to the iATS Customer Code record.
  • Process those iATS Customer Code changes via the Batch Entry and Update Processing section within iATS Settings.


Steps to use Batch Processing: 

1. To create the .csv file, start by exporting the report called iATS Batch Template – Update iATS CCode which you will find in the iATS Brickwork Reports folder. Use this template to create a .csv file to use with the data import tool of your choice. If you export the report (even if there are no results shown) you’ll find all the fields that you’ll need to complete to setup a new recurring schedule.
2. Create a .csv file. Please refer to the Help Text for each field on an iATS Customer Code record to understand the values the record expects. Make any needed changes:
  • To change the date that the transaction is charged on, edit the Schedule Date. This field is not used for Annual or Quarterly schedules therefore the Begin Date needs to be changed instead.
  • To place a donation on “pause”, modify the End Date to a future date. iATS will not attempt to charge the donor if the end date has passed.
  • To cancel a recurring schedule, change the Recurring Status from Active to Inactive. Be sure to also change the Recurring Donation record to Closed if using the NPSP.


Important fields of note:

  • Include In Next Batch Update Process: Be sure to mark this field with the value as 1. This field controls whether the record will be included in the next batch update process you run or not. If you’d rather wait to update the record another day, mark the value as 0 and you can update it later.
  • Method of Payment: You are unable to change an existing iATS Customer Code from one MOP to another, for example from Credit Card to ACH or Direct Debit. If you need to make this change, we recommend cancelling the existing schedule and creating a new iATS Customer Code.
  • Credit Card Number and ACH/Direct Debit Account Number: For added security, our Batch Update process cannot be used to make mass changes. All changes to payment details must be made using the iATS Button instructions above.
  • iATS Merchant Account: Do not attempt to update this field. This field represents the merchant account that was used to create and store the payment and schedule details. This cannot be changed after the fact, by any method.
3. Import the file into Salesforce using the import tool of your choice, such as the Import Wizard or Data Loader. You are updating the iATS Customer Code object. If you like, review the newly created records for accuracy.
4. To finalize the updates and send the changes to iATS Payments, navigate to the iATS Settings tab and scroll down to the “Batch Entry and Update Processing” section. You should see that there are at least as many records waiting to be updated as you updated iATS Customer Code records. Any extra will be records previously updated with the “Include in next batch update batch” by not yet run. Review those if necessary.
5. Click the Process iATS Customer Code Updates button. Depending on how many records there are to updates, this process could take some time. Do not re-click the process button. You will also receive an email confirmation once the batch is finished and providing result details. You can also review the iATS Log that will be generated for further details.


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