Aura Setup and Support

Learn how to set up online forms, your shopping cart, and further customizations for Aura.



Aura is an iATS Payments product that allows you to create online payment forms to collect donations that can either be embedded into your existing webpage or used as a standalone landing page. This payment form allows end users to send an online payment directly to secure iATS web servers, ensuring that you are not passing or storing sensitive payment information.

Aura is a powerful tool that your organization can use to create beautiful donation forms within minutes and with limited or no programming knowledge. You can have one or many of these forms, based on your needs. 

Moreover, you can edit the appearance of the online form using the advanced Custom Style Sheet (CSS) to match and seamlessly embed with your existing website.

AuraLink Webservice

AuraLink is an iATS Payments product that allows complete customization of the Aura payment form. As the AuraLink payment form is built by you, there are no restrictions to the design or functionality that can be added.

For more information on our AuraLink Webservice, please contact iATS Customer Care or download the documentation.

PCI Compliance

As a Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified company, iATS Payments ensures all transactions are handled to the highest industry standards in security and confidentiality.

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