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Pre-populate Donation Forms

If you would like to send personalized pre-filled donation forms to your members or consistent donors, you can easily do that with Aura using the Pre-populate Field setup. This method allows to attach all your donor's info to the form using a CSV. When your donors receive their personalized link, all they will have to do is add the credit card and process the payment, all the information can be pre-filled before sending the form out.

This is a 3-step process. Before we start customizing URL’s, please create the online form for your campaign using the Aura form setup section of the guide. Once your form/donation page is ready, you can start pre-populating the information.



Step 1: Creating the CSV


Attached is the Sample CSV showing the information required to import customer data.

image 18

Row 1 with the headers show the name of the fields in the Aura form that you would like to provide information for
  • Column A – MemberID: This is the identifier number for the form that will be added to the URL to identify each contact. You can change the name of the column to anything you like such as ContactID, Donor ID etc.
  • Column B – Column H: These columns are to collect the donor personal information such as name, address etc. This information will feed into the ‘payment’ section of your Aura form.
  • Column I – Column J: These columns have the word ‘Amount’ before each of the column name such as ‘Amount_Chapterfee’, ‘Amount_NationalFee’ and ‘Amount_Registrationfee’. This indicates that this information needs to go into the amount section of the Aura form and the form would automatically understand that the value in these columns are dollar amounts.

    Note: If the ‘Amount_’ part is not added to the columns for Amount information, Aura form will just read this as payment information.


Step 2: Uploading the CSV


To upload the CSV, select the ‘Payments Tab’ and choose ‘Prepopulate Form Setup’ section.

Image 19


Once you upload the CSV, hit ‘save’ on the top left part of the setup page. The CSV section will fill with the information uploaded as follows:

Image 20

Forms are now ready, and you can start sending out the customized URL’s. Here is how your customers will receive it:

Their customized URL with identifier variable at the end of the URL. In our example case, this would be the Member ID. Sample URL

When your member receives the link, here is how it would look:

new screenshot



All they would have to do is add their payment details as the amounts are already predefined and can’t be changed and the personal information is pre-filled.

Image 22

Step 3: Creating individual URL links for each member

Now that the CSV has been prepared and uploaded, next step is to send out emails to all your members with their unique URL link. To create the link, we recommend using excel and the concatenate function.

The image attached shows how to do so:

Image 23

Image 24

Here is a sample CSV you can use. 

Once the links are generated you can upload this CSV to your email software and start sending out the links to your members. 

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