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We know you are navigating unprecedented times and nonprofits the world over are struggling to find new ways to collect donations online.

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The iATS payments extension ships with the core CiviCRM product. Once enabled, it is a simple and powerful extension that enables you to start accepting credit card and ACH payment types.

Our clients tell us the value of the iATS Extension for CiviCRM has “been immeasurable because of the ease of use. It saves us time, saves us money, and lets us look professional with our donor base.”

  • Save time and money
  • Recurring payments made easy
  • Reliable and simple to use
  • Receive your donations faster
  • No hidden fees or surprises

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Integrated, simple, and reliable payment processing for nonprofits

iATS has dedicated Civi expert resources to maintain, innovate and support the iATS payment extension for CiviCRM. iATS fully funds the extension, plus ongoing updates and support, to ensure that CiviCRM users have a stable, scalable payments solution that simply put - “just works”. For any questions that come up, our support response times are the best in the industry.

CiviCRM is Your Single Source of Truth

You need your fundraising data tracked and reported accurately and automatically so you can build upon data insights to optimize your fundraising efforts. With recurring payments, verification, ledger, and data reconciliation reports built right in, you can spend less time building reports and more time focused on what matters most - delivering on your mission.

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The Best Security and Fraud Protection

The nonprofit space has a higher than average rate of fraud attempts. You need a payments partner who knows how to protect your organization while at the same time eliminating the risk of losing donations.

  • iATS can set fraud protections for each Merchant ID to meet the unique aspects of your organization.

Ensure your organization's security

iATS Payments ensures that all your transactions and data are stored in a secured vault and are handled with the highest level of security.

  • iATS has Payment Card Industry (PCI) security certification Level 1.
  • Nonprofits using the iATS extension for CiviCRM significantly reduce their PCI Compliance scope.
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Save Time and Money

Integrated, simple and reliable, the iATS extension enables you to spend less time and money managing your data and use those resources to advance the outcomes your nonprofit is working to achieve.


Recurring Payments Made Easy

We offer the most powerful payments extension for CiviCRM that enables you to manage all the details of your recurring payments - date, amount, frequency, and more - all from within CiviCRM.



Shipped with CiviCRM core and supported by Civi experts means that you can spend less time configuring systems or troubleshooting and more time achieving your organization's mission.


Money in your account faster

Since donations don’t land in our account first, you receive your donations faster. For some charity work, that timing really matters.

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No hidden fees. No surprises.

iATS offers a static rate structure with no setup, gateway, cross border, statement, deposit or premium card fees.

Kelton Hays

Center for Mission Mobilization

"Moving to iATS actually saved us money. We were paying a 3rd party to support the integration with our previous solution. Now we don’t have to do that, and it has saved us about $300 a month."


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